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What is theCouncil of Transparency and Good Governance?

consejo de transparencia

What is the Council for Transparency?

The Council of Transparency and Good Governance is the independent body responsible for promoting the transparency of public activity, ensuring compliance with publicity obligations, safeguarding the exercise of the right of access to public information and ensuring compliance with good governance provisions.

The Council for Transparency and Good Governance is an independent public body, as envisaged in point 1 of the tenth additional provision of Law 6/1997, of 14 April, on the Organisation and Operation of the General State Administration , (Abre en nueva ventana) with its own legal status and full capacity to act in the public and private spheres.

The Council for Transparency and Good Governance is regulated by the stipulations of Law 19/2013, of 9 December, on Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance(Abre en nueva ventana) , the enacting provisions and its Statute, approved via Royal Decree 919/2014 of 31 October.(Abre en nueva ventana)